Best Selling Trail Running Packs 2016


There wasn’t anything Earth shattering in the world of trail running packs in 2016: Salomon and Ultimate Direction continued to dominate.

Next year may see a big shake up at the top with Nathan’s Vapor Howe & Krar packs and two new Salomon options–S Lab Sense Ultra 5 & 8. Ultraspire’s Alpha 3.0 and Zygos 2.0 should make a splash, too. The new Zygos will be offered in 3 sizes instead of 2.

2016 #Pack7 – Best Selling Packs (in terms of quantities sold)

1) Salomon S Lab 12 set
2) Salomon S Lab 5 set
3) Salomon S Lab Sense Ultra
4) UD Adventure Vesta – women’s specific
5) UD Ultra Vesta – women’s specific
6) UD PB 3.0 – Adventure Vest
7) UD AK 3.0 – Mountain Vest

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Photos by Glenn Tachiyama