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February is typically our slowest sales month: fewer days and crummy weather.  Man did the weather stink in Seattle this February!!  March is here…at least on paper.

The bright spots for a down month are listed here.  Not listed is our hottest shoe at the moment–a road shoe!  The Altra Escalante came in with the King MT and has taken the shop by storm.  So soft and springy–and comfy!!

Also on the pack front:  Nathan Vapor Howe and Krar have arrived–along with the updated Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin 5 and 12 sets and the new Salomon Sense Ultra 5 and 8.  These likely would have driven in more sales if the weather hadn’t been so persistently dreadful!

Just in time: Packapalooza is on through 3/26.  Buy any running pack or vest at regular price and get 20% OFF any one pair of shoes!

Women’s Top7Trail February 2017

  1. Altra Superior 3.0
  2. Topo Terraventure
  3. Altra Lone Peak 3
  4. Brooks Caldera
  5. Altra King MT
  6. Saucony Peregrine 7
  7. Scott SuperTrac RC

Men’s Top7Trail February 2017

  1. Altra Lone Peak 3.0
  2. Altra Olympus 2.0
  3. Altra King MT
  4. Topo Terraventure
  5. New Balance Hierro 2
  6. Altra Superior 3.0
  7. Saucony Peregrine 7

What’s to come in March:

We welcome Scarpa to the shop as the Spin will arrive mid-March with a soft, nimble feel and Vibram MegaGrip outsole.  They feel like a softer Salomon Sense Pro with amazing traction.

On Running returns to the shop with a road model, the Cloud Flow.  A trail model, CloudVenture Peak will arrive in April.

Hoka Challenger 3 just landed at the shop last week.  Unfortunately for most guys, the fit got narrower.  We have high hopes it will still sell well for women.

Mid-month, the Salomon Sense Pro Max should arrive for men.  These are Salomon’s take on “Max Cushion.”  Women’s arrived in February, but men’s got delayed a bit.

New shop Ts and hats should arrive in March as well!!


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Photos by Glenn Tachiyama