Silent Assassin Pre-Miwok Interview

Hashtag Silent Assassin

Jon Robinson, aka the Silent Assassin, is doing the Miwok 100k this Saturday. Jon, how are you feeling?

[Jon transforms into Rocky before a bout: full head bob; jumping on one leg then another]
You look ready…but isn’t this your first time at Miwok?
Well, you did do really well at Lake Sonoma 50 a couple years ago; so yeah, you should do just fine, Saturday! What shoes will you be wearing?
[points down at his feet, and starts bouncing up and down again on his Hokas]
Oh, the Hoka Rapa Nui Trail! Good choice! So much protection; so light and fast!  You’ve worn the La Sportiva Wildcat for lots of runs in the past…do you think you’ll go a minute per mile faster in the Rapa’s?
[big smile]
Yeah, let’s hope so! Are you going to carry any certain hydration pack?
[More Rocky action: he starts fist pumping, first his left then his right hand…but there are bottles where his fists should be]
Oh, you’re only going to use those 2 Ultimate Direction bottles…that’s old school! What kind of gels do you use?
[he pulls a packet from one of the bottle’s pouches. It’s Vfuel Peach Cobbler. He starts rubbing his belly and makes a face that I normally make only for cupcakes.]
Hey this reminds me of something: You ever see that movie Clerks, with Jay and Silent Bob?
Why yes…but of all those Kevin Smith slacker comedies my favorite is  Mallrats. Very underrated.
Yes indeed Jon, very underrated. Thanks so much for being part of Team 7hills, and Good luck!
[high five]
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Photos by Glenn Tachiyama