Kevin Hall


Back in 2010 I decided to kick a 6 year long, pack a day smoking habit, and start taking care of myself. I first just started out in the gym, doing some basic stuff to get my blood moving. I entered a 5K a few months later and was hooked. It’s all been a blur from then on. Running came naturally to me. It hurt at first, of course, but I found that I recovered very fast, and went from smoker to a runner quickly. I spend most of my miles on the road, but I love getting out on the trails, especially for races.

Notable Finishes:

2:59 – debut marathon, 2012

2nd place – Squak Mt. Half 2014

1st place- Middle Fork 50k 2013

2015 Schedule

March 7th – Lake Sammamish Half Marathon

April 27th – Bellevue 5k

May 17th – Beat the Bridge

** more races being finalized


Instagram – @kevinwhall

Facebook – /Donaldbandito

Twitter – /Out N Back


Photos by Glenn Tachiyama