WR50 Prediction Contest Winners

Our prediction contest results are in: Brian Nelson (14pts) predicted 7:58 and 6:39 Ross Comer (17pts) predicted 8:03 and 6:39 Each will receive a $50 certificate to the shop! Washingtonian race winners Jodee (7:59) and Justin (6:26) set the standards yesterday at White River 50. Also finishing with 17 points was Martha Grant…but Ross won […]

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Cascade Crest Aid Station

  We’re hosting an aid station at Cascade Crest 100 and want you to join us! We will be at Stampede Pass (mile 33). If you’ve ever wondered what these crazy 100 milers are like, helping out at an aid station is a perfect way to find out, is a great way to give back […]

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Photos by Glenn Tachiyama