Seven Hills Running Shop is a running specialty store focused on the trails. A true running “specialty” store.

Located in the Seattle neighborhood of Magnolia near the Discovery Park Visitor Center, Seven Hills Running Shop was founded by myself, Phil Kochik, in 2012. Since moving to Seattle in 2001, I’ve loved running the hills of this city–roads and trails. I’ve been selling running shoes here since 2002. Needless to say, running shoes are a passion of mine.  I hope my loves of running, hills, and shoes if not already shared by our customers, rub off a little on the people that walk through the door.

We are Seattle’s only trail running specialty store.  We sell shoes for all surfaces and endeavors.

In 2013, 69% of our shoe sales were in the trail category.  In 2014, we nearly matched that with 68%.  We are very unique in this regard; we are able to offer the trail shoe selection that other shops cannot.

We provide a vast resource to the trail running community, not only with products and knowledge, but with fun events at the shop and donations to organizations like the Washington Trails Association.

Philosophy of Shoes:

Shoes are first and foremost.  We do not try to sell you insoles, socks, roller-do-dads, etc., etc.  I am of the mindset that good shoes are all you need.  If you go to a store that regularly suggest insoles: Run Away!  Insoles are the classic up-sell.  I worked at a movie theater where we were told to say, “For a quarter more, you can get the Jumbo Enormo Tub of popcorn!!”  I worked at a shoe store where it was considered inadequate if we didn’t sell at least one insole for every two pairs of shoes. No up-selling by our employees!  Just good-shoe selling!

Running Packs:

In 2014 we had great success selling all kinds of hydration and running packs.  We will continue that trend, referring to ourselves as the #PackHQ sometimes on social media–for good reason! Ultimate Direction, Inov-8, Salomon, Ultraspire, and Nathan will be well-represented at the very least.


On the day we opened, Glenn Tachiyama came him–with his camera.  (It would have been odd to see him without his camera.)  I mentioned to him that I didn’t have any employees.  The next day he asked if I really needed someone to work; how about him?  I said, you’re in!

It was the Phil and Glenn show until December when we hired Martin Mudry two months later.  Our first full-timer.

In 2013 we added Stacey Nievweija, Winse Heyward, Christopher Barry, and Brandon Sullivan.  Martin left for Amazon–but I still consider him a part-timer!

In 2014: Stacey, Winse and Brandon left.  Jeanne Higgins came and went–to a job at Brooks corporate.  Paige Pattillo joined the staff and is our new resident speedster!

Mission Statement:

We hope to be an integral part in making Seattle recognized as an epicenter of Ultra and Trail running once again!

Photos by Glenn Tachiyama